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Question (Category: Plumbing)
I have an A.O. Smith 40 gal. powerhouse powershot waterheater. Model # FPSH40. Natural gas. The heater was installed in '03. About a year ago a problem started where the flame would start up, gas would flow and ignite but then the heater would shut off the flame and it would cycle through that for like 3 starts before giving up. We removed the ignition unit and cleaned it as well as cleaned a rod that appears to be a flame sensor. It worked for a year, but has started doing it again. Weirdly, if I simply remove the plate covering the flame, the problem is resolved for at least a few weeks but then it stops again, I clean out the unit and it works for another few weeks. I'm not waterheater literate and the manual is missing. If I could get that, it might help me label the parts that I'm removing or cleaning?
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Hello, I think you find everything you need in this manual. me know if you have further questions.NOTE: Expert is not compensated unless the ACCEPT button has been clicked. If you wish for the expert to receive their portion of deposit, you must click the ACCEPT button.

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