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Question (Category: Mathematics Statistics )
During the dinner hour, the distribution During the dinner hour, the distribution of the inter-arrival time of customers at a restaurant is estimated to be as shown below. The mode of payment and the service times of the cash and credit card customers are shown in the following tables. Complete the tables and simulate the system for 20 customer arrivals and determine the average time a cash and credit card customer must wait in line before paying the cashier. Use Column A of the given random number table to determine the customer inter-arrival time, Column B to determine whether the customer pays with cash or credit, and Column C to determine the service time.Inter-arrival timeInter-arrival TimeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number Interval30 seconds0.450.4560 seconds0.250.7090 seconds0.150.85120 seconds0.100.95150 seconds0.051.00Mode of PaymentPayment ModeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number IntervalCash0.60.60Credit Card0.41.00Cash Service TimeService TimeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number Interval20 seconds0.350.3540 seconds0.300.6560 seconds0.250.9080 seconds0.101.00 Credit Card Service TimeService TimeProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityRandom Number Interval30 seconds0.200.2060 seconds0.450.6590 seconds0.250.90120 seconds0.101.00Random Numbers(A)(B)(C)63201094199546307371797186572809355400305148630056249115549567281469516559256480932829244769977970311443647684423574331973870150813417880933171248917082631711495025660588224081273494514100043229907190344183146822072671765053696927668284 Complete the table below to show the results of the simulation.CustomerRandom NumberArrival TimeRandom NumberMode of PaymentRandom NumberService TimeService TimeWaiting Time BeginsEndsCashCredit1234567891011121314151617181920Average Waiting Time (Cash)= 43020 = Average Waiting Time (Credit)= 31020 =

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