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Question (Category: Canada Law)
Hi,I signed up for 24 perosnal training sessions, financed over 9 mths (approx $150/mth) plus my membership (another $50.mth). As something to help me strengthen my back and core muscles, as I work as an RN.However, my husband was laid off recently, and can't find work. We're having to move back home (from AB to ON) to live with family until we can get back on our feet. We are newly weds, recently graduated, paying car payments, high Edmonton rent, school loans, etc.I talked to the gym, offering to pay for the 5 sessions I had done, and explained the situation,a nd they said no way out and that i'd have to sell them off.We are newer to the city, don't have a friend base. So they told me to post them on Kijiji. I did. However there were at least 15 + other ppl trying to do the same thing. I can't afford to discount the training sessions by much, b/c I can't afford to lose the money. And no one replied ot my add.Is there anyway I can get out of this contract? Please help me! Optional Information:State/Country: CanadaAlready Tried:I tried talking with the club manager and the personal training manager.

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