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Nikkel Corporation, a merchandising company, reported the following results for July 1. Nikkel Corporation, a merchandising company, reported the following results for July:Sales $410,000Cost of goods sold (all variable) $173,900Total variable selling expense $ 21,200Total fixed selling expense $ 20,500Total variable administrative expense $ 8,900Total fixed administrative expense $ 31,000 The gross margin for July is:$206,000$236,100$154,500$358,500Gross Margin = 410000-1739002. Nikkel Corporation, a merchandising company, reported the following results for July:Sales $433,000Cost of goods sold (all variable) $174,800Total variable selling expense $ 25,600Total fixed selling expense $ 15,100Total variable administrative expense $ 14,800Total fixed administrative expense $ 31,400 The contribution margin for July is:$217,800$258,200$171,300$386,500contribution margin=433000-174800-25600-14800At an activity level of 8,400 machine-hours in a month, Nooner Corporation39s total variable production engineering cost is $732,480 and its total fixed production engineering cost is $180,400. What would be the total production engineering cost per unit, both fixed and variable, at an activity level of 8,800 machine-hours in a month? Assume that this level of activity is within the relevant range.$107.35$107.70$107.88$106.81 Total Cost = (7324808400)+(1804008800) = 107.70At a sales volume of 38,000 units, Thoma Corporation39s sales commissions (a cost that is variable with respect to sales volume) total $752,400.To the nearest whole dollar, what should be the total sales commissions at a sales volume of 34,300 units? (Assume that this sales volume is within the relevant range.)$690,660$833,563$679,140$752,400Commission = (75240038000)*34300 = 6791405. A manufacturing company prepays its insurance coverage for a three-year period. The premium for the three years is $5,280 and is paid at the beginning of the first year. Eighty percent of the premium applies to manufacturing operations and 20% applies to selling and administrative activities. What amounts should be considered product and period costs respectively for the first year of coverage? Product Period $1408 $352 $5280 $0 $2816 $704 $4224 $10566. Haar Inc. is a merchandising company. Last month the company39s cost of goods sold was $61,700. The company39s beginning merchandise inventory was $17,700 and its ending merchandise inventory was $23,100. What was the total amount of the company39s merchandise purchases for the month?$61,700$102,500$67,100$56,3007. The following costs were incurred in September:Direct materials $39,200Direct labor $33,400Manufacturing overhead $25,100Selling expenses $23,600Administrative expenses $40,600 Conversion costs during the month totaled:$58,500$72,600$64,300$161,900 8. Supply costs at Lattea Corporation39s chain of gyms are listed below: Client-Visits Supply Cost March 11,662$28,576April 11,458$28,410May 11,990$28,834June 13,500$28,922July 11,722$28,637August 11,208$28,236September 12,002$28,835October 11,693$28,593November 11,841$28,718 Management believes that supply cost is a mixed cost that depends on client-visits. Using the high-low method to estimate the variable and fixed components of this cost, those estimates would be closest to:$0.34 per client-visit $24,367 per month$.88 per client-visit $17,814 per month$1.99 per client-visit $28,638 per month$0.30 per client-visit $24,872 per month9. Faast Companyrsquos Quality cost report is to be based on the following data:Quality engineeringhelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip..$86000 Quality circleshelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip....$53000 Supervision of testing and inspection activitieshelliphelliphelliphelliphellip$92000 Net Cost of scraphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip...$96000 Text and inspection of in-process goodshelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip$16000 Liability arising from defective productshelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip...$13000 Warranty repairs and replacementshelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip$62000 Debugging software errorshelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip.$86000 Rework labor and overheadhelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphelliphellip.$29000a. What would be the total prevention cost appearing on the quality cost report?$69,000$148,000$139,000$178,000 b. What would be the total appraisal cost appearing on the quality cost report?$108,000$121,000$247,000$102,000c. What would be the total internal failure cost appearing on the quality cost report?$102,000$158,000$211,000$99,000d. What would be the total external failure cost appearing on the quality cost report?$75,000$533,000$286,000$109,000

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