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Question (Category: Computer-Science :General-CS,Computer-Science :General-CS)
SQL for Data Management (creating queries with stored Procedure and passing in raw queries) CS362 Structured Query Language for Data Management. I have answered part of the question, disadvantages and advantages of stored procedures or passing in the raw queries directly but I can39t figure out the second half. ***************************************************** There are 2 main ways to interface with the database: using stored proceduresor passing in the raw queries directly. ******************************************************* Question: A class scheduler needs a screen to search for students, how might each approach be used? (Stored Procedure and Passing in Raw Queries). Provide a description of what functionality the screen will provide. Whatcan the user do with this screen? Consider the inputs (text boxes, drop-down lists, buttons, etc.) availableto the user and how they will interact with the screen.

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