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Question (Category: Dog Veterinary)
My dog began limping and I took her to the vet. She diagnosed her with a petella luxationgrade 3. She tried to manipulate it back in but didn't seem to stay and the dog will not use it.He said I could try and see an orthopedic surgeon for another opinoin but the dog is not a surgical candidatedue to it's severe heart condition and seizures. What else can I do tohelp this animal. She is a rescue and I've had her about three years. She is approximately7 or 8 years old.
Customer's Reply

There are many dogs that get around great on 3 legs. The biggest extra burden she would have if she cannot bear any weight on that leg, is the extra weight.

Many times, dogs have patella problems in both legs. So, my concern would be..How is the patella in the other leg? Will the other leg be strong enough to hold her up?

If not, there are always dog wheelies you can buy so that can get around that way too:)

I guess one option is to have the surgery performed, with the risk that she may not make it through it, if you want the knee repaired.

I wish you the best:))

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Okay, well here are my thoughts. It may not be mainstream, but your dog is definitely a different case that may require non-mainstream :)1) Acupuncture. Discuss this with your vet. It is an option and really does help some dogs with the pain and secondary arthritis of the luxated patella2) Glucosamine. This is a natuiral medication, and can be used on dogs with heart condition3) Consider adding Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acid supplements. There are thoughts that these have some anti-pain producing properties, and help to prevent formation of free radicanls. This is actually a great medication for Heart problem dogs, and for arthritis dogs.3) Physical Rehab- there are now techs and vets available to help strengthen muscles and movement. Discuss this with your vet and possibly a location that may do this, such as swimming, and certain exercises to help strengthen the legI really hope this helps, and wish you the best with your little dog:))
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The standard dose is 1 capsule of fish oil/10 lbs body weight per day.It is okay if you cannot get an exact value (for ex, if your dog weights 6 lbs, it is okay to give 1 capsule).Omega 3 and 6's are fish oils. You can pick them up at the Pharmacy, or even your local convenient store. Just look for the label Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, usually a salmon fish oil.I hope this helps

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