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Question (Category: Dental)
I had the first part of a deep cleaning in January and my teeth really bothered me afterwards...they had too many gaps between the base of them and felt like they were moving...and then I went back for the 2nd part in April and now my teeth drive me crazy everyday!! They don't feel like teeth that belong in my mouth....they feel like sharp, loose match sticks...what do I do???I almost wish I had my plaque back...I know that sounds crazy but my teeth were much smoother and were comfortable in my mouth... Optional Information:Gender: FemaleAge: 58State/Country: TexasAlready Tried:First I tried filling the bigger holes with a dental gum..but it had too much medicine....then I tried filling them with orthodontist least this was smooth but when it came out teeth felt like they had bigger gaps....I have been using Temparin to fill in only 2 of the larger gaps between my 2 front bottom teeth and one that is sideways where my front bottom tooth overlaps the next one slightly...that has kept me from playing with my teeth with my tongue...but I seem to swallow a lot of that stuff and it gets all over my mouth...the one in the middle stays in for several days but the sideways gap falls out several times a day and the edge is just very sharp to my tongue....I guess I'm getting OCD about this but I need some relief mentally & for my poor sore tongue....please help!
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Hi,thanks for your replyplease keep the gaps between your teeth clean, and do make a an appointmnent for follow up careunfortunately those gaps have to stay open for your improved gum healthyour follow visit with the dentist will not cost you as much but will definitely put you at easeBest wishesDr GirishI Hope I have helped you with your question Please click on the *ACCEPT* button.Appreciate a Positive Feed back (a simple thank you is great)and few kind words make my day /A Bonus will really help

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