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Question (Category: BMW)
I have a 2000 528i with about 75000 miles (5 speed). It occasionally turns on the brake, abs and traction light at the same time. Next time you start it the lights are off. There seems to be no issue with driving the car. Any suggestions? Optional Information:Year: 2000Make: BMWModel: 528iEngine: 2.8Already Tried:I have a 328i with 75K miles in great shape. Occasionally while driving the ABS, Brake, and traction control light come on and stay on until I turn the car off and re-start. There seems to be no issue with driving the car and no brake issues. The brakes are about 10K mile old and were done at a dealership. The light may or may not come on the next time the car is driven.
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This fault is set when there is a problem with the traction control system, There could be many reasons for this fault from a faulty wheel speed sensor or a faulty throttle body, the most common problem I see is a faulty wheel speed sensor. To determine the problem you will need the faults read out of the DSC control unit at the dealer this should only cost 1/2 of labor so about $50. Once you have the faults I can help you diagnosis the problem and give you repair instructions and part numbers to fix it.

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