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Question (Category: accounting homework)
last year godinho corp. had $250 million of sales, and it had $75 million of fixed assets that were being operated at 80% of capacity. in millions, how large could sales have been if the company had operated at full capacity? (points : 5) br $312.5 br $328.1 br $344.5 br $361.8 br $379.8 br br fairchild garden supply expects $600 million of sales this year, and it forecasts a 15% increase for next year. the cfo uses this equation to forecast inventory requirements at different levels of sales: inventories = $30.2 + 0.25(sales). all dollars are in millions. what is the projected inventory turnover ratio for the coming year? (points : 5) br 3.40 br 3.57 br 3.75 br 3.94 br 4.14 br br 16. a company forecasts the free cash flows (in millions) shown below. the weighted average cost of capital is 13%, and the fcfs are expected to continue growing at a 5% rate after year 3. assuming that the roic is expected to remain constant in year 3 and beyond, what is the year 0 value of operations, in millions? year: 1 2 3 free cash flow: -$15 $10 $40 (points : 5) br $315 br $331 br $348 br $367 br $386 br br br 17. based on the corporate valuation model, the value of a company039s operations is $900 million. its balance sheet shows $70 million in accounts receivable, $50 million in inventory, $30 million in short-term investments that are unrelated to operations, $20 million in accounts payable, $110 million in notes payable, $90 million in long-term debt, $20 million in preferred stock, $140 million in retained earnings, and $280 million in total common equity. if the company has 25 million shares of stock outstanding, what is the best estimate of the stock039s price per share? (points : 5) br $23.00 br $25.56 br $28.40 br $31.24 br $34.36 br div

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