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Question (Category: accounting homework)
1. montana co. has determined its year-end inventory on a fifo basis to be $615,000. information pertaining to that inventory is as follows:br br selling price $630,000 br disposal costs 34,000 br normal profit margin 71,000 br replacement cost 537,000 br br what should be the carrying value of montana039s inventory? br br $525,000. br $615,000. br $596,000. br $537, br 2. in a period when costs are rising and inventory quantities are stable, the inventory method that would result in the highest ending inventory is:br weighted average. br moving average. br fifo. br lifo. br br br 3. data related to the inventories of costco medical supply is presented below:br br br surgicalbr equipment surgicalbr supplies rehabbr equipment rehabbr supplies br selling price $273$135$352$159br cost 170109260155br replacement cost 22673226151br disposal cost 12112511br normal gross profit ratio 24% 30% 22% 30% br br in applying the lcm rule, the inventory of surgical equipment would be valued at (round your answer to the nearest whole dollar amount):br br br $170. br $195. br $261. br $226. br br div

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