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Question (Category: Psychology :General-Psychology )
psychology 110 (TCO 1) The biopsychosocial model is known as a(n) _______. (Points : 5) integration modelunifying themeconsolidation modeleclectic conceptualization 2. (TCO 2) Cause and effect conclusions can be drawn from _____ studies. (Points : 5) experimentaldescriptivecorrelationalcase 3. (TCO 3) High levels of _______________ are associated with states of mania. (Points : 5) epinephrinenorepinephrineGABAserotonin 4. (TCO 3) The autonomic nervous system is subdivided into two branches called the _____ and _____ systems. (Points : 5) automatic semi-automaticsomatic peripheralafferent efferentsympathetic parasympathetic 5. (TCO 4) The tendency for the environment to be perceived as remaining the same even with changes in sensory input is called _____. (Points : 5) perceptual constancythe constancy of expectationan illusory correlationGestalt39s primary principle 6. (TCO 4) _____________ is where we perceive the color of an object as being relatively constant even though the wavelength of light reaching the eye retina may vary due to lighting conditions. (Points : 5) Brighness constancy.Color constancyShape constancyWavelenght consistency 7. (TCO 5) Physiological measures, such as blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature reach their peak during ________. (Points : 5) early eveninglate eveningdaytime hoursearly morning 8. (TCO 5) Which of the following is a characteristic of REM sleep? (Points : 5) sleepwalkingmuscles are unresponsivemost dreams occur hereb and c 9. (TCO 5) Psychoactive drugs can _____. (Points : 5) alter the production of neurotransmitterscan alter the transmissions between neruopeptidesprevent or mimic the reception of neurotransmitters on the next neurona and c 10. (TCO 6) During the _____ phase of Selye39s theory of stress, considerable energy is expended to adapt to the stressor. (Points : 5) secondary responseaccelerated responsivenessresistanceplatonic 11. (TCO 6) Hardiness is _____. (Points : 5) based on geneticslearnedundesirablepositively correlated with cancer and heart disease 12. (TCO 6) If a doctor is treating a Type A client by modifying only the cynical hostility that is associated with heart disease, then they are practicing _____. (Points : 5) unethicallyineffectivelythe target behavior approachlong-term therapy 13. (TCO 7) A(n) _____ is an unlearned reaction evoked by a stimulus without any learning. (Points : 5) primary reactionneutral responseunconditioned responseclassical response 14. (TCO 7) Reinforcement and punishment are defined in terms of _____. (Points : 5) intrinsic and extrinsic motiveswhether they cause pleasure and painadaptive significancewhether they increase or decrease responses that follow 15. (TCO 8) Simple rules used in problem-solving that do not guarantee a solution, but offer a likely short-cut to it are called _____. (Points : 5) algorithmsinductionsheuristicsperceptual sets (TCO 8) Cattell proposed that there were two subtypes of general intelligence, which are _____. (Points : 5) verbal and numericalverbal and visualfluid and crystallizedmental and physical 2. (TCO 9) Low levels of arousal lead to _____ and high levels of arousal lead to _____. (Points : 5) reduced behavior efficiency reduced behavior efficiencyincreased behavior efficiency reduced behavior efficiencyincreased behavior efficiency increased behavior efficiencyreduced behavior efficiency increased behavior efficiency 3. (TCO 9) Someone who has a desire to excel, especially in competition with others _____. (Points : 5) has a personality disorderhas a high need for arousalhas a high achievement motivationis a success seeker 4. (TCO 10) Evidence supporting the role of maturation in motor development is provided by _____. (Points : 5) the cultural variability in the progression from crawling to walkingthe ability of Hopi Indian children to walk at one year even though they39ve been carried in a cradleboard until thenthe inability of Hopi Indian children to walk until after they have crawlednone of these options 5. (TCO 10) When a child learns that a truck is different from a car, even though both have four wheels and a metal body, _____ has occurred. (Points : 5) an adaptationaccommodationan associationassimilation 6. (TCO 10) Melissa, mother of 3-year-old Kaitlyn, enforces limits and rules, while being highly involved with her daughter39s life and emotionally supportive. Melissa39s parenting style can be classified as ____________. (Points : 5) permissive-indulgentauthoritarianauthoritativepermissive neglectful 7. (TCO 10) According to Erikson, humans progress through eight stages of psychosocial development. Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence for the quotsuccessfulquot completion of the second four stages? (Points : 5) identity 61614 intimacy 61614 generativity 61614 ego integrityego integrity 61614 trust 61614 intimacy 61614 generativityinitiative 61614 intimacy 61614 generativity 61614 ego integrityidentity 61614 autonomy 61614 intimacy 61614 generativity 8. (TCO 11) Eric is very hungry, but instead of cutting the line in the cafeteria, he decides to wait in line to get food. Which part of his personality is dominating his behavior at the present moment? (Points : 5) idegosuperegopreconscious 9. (TCO 11) Rogers thought that _____ is necessary for a child39s uniqueness and positive self-concept to unfold naturally. (Points : 5) permissive parentinga challenging environmentunconditional positive regarda friendly neighborhood 10. (TCO 12) Myron avoids hospitals, doctor39s offices, and people with injuries because he always faints at the sight of blood. Myron has a _____ phobia. (Points : 5) physicalspecificmedicalgeneralized 11. (TCO 12) Brenda has been up for days, and forgot to pay the rent but is handing out money to the homeless. When a police officer tries to talk to her about why she is wearing only her bra and underwear in a public place, she rapidly answers, but her thoughts are flying from one idea to another. The police officer would be correct in suspecting that Brenda has _____. (Points : 5) drug-induced multiple personalitiesa personality disordera bipolar disorderhypothermic shock 12. (TCO 12) Casey believes it is useless to keep writing because she has received so many manuscript rejections and only one screenplay acceptance. Beck would consider Casey39s depression to be due to her use of _____. (Points : 5) overgeneralizationall-or-nothing thinkingselective perceptionmagnification 13. (TCO 12) A client just reports to his therapist that he has cheated on his wife. The therapist refrains from making any character judgments about his patient. This represents ______. (Points : 5) active listeningunconditional positive regardgenuinenessempathy 14. (TCO 13) Most people perceive Elizabeth as being a poor public speaker because her mistakes in speaking are much more visible than the dreaded feelings of social phobia that come over her when she speaks. This is an example of _____________________. (Points : 5) the self-serving biasthe saliency biasthe obviousness biasprejudice 15. (TCO 13) According to the textbook, a person experiencing cognitive dissonance would most likely________. (Points : 5) change their behaviorchange their attitudeignore the inconsistency between their behavior and attitudecontinue to feel discomfort

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