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Question (Category: chemistry homework)
br 1. unless otherwise instructed, you may use the periodic table in the chemistry: problems and solutions book for this br to answer this question, use the hydrazinenitrogen tetroxide rocket fuel reaction:br br 2n2h4 + n2o4 3n2 + 4h2obr br you are given 96 g of n2h4 and 92 g of n2o4. how many grams of n2 will this reaction produce? hint: this is a limiting reactant (points : 1) br 42 gbr br 63 gbr br 84 gbr br 126 gbr br br 2. for the haber process, n2 + 3h2 2nh3, which mole ratio would you use to calculate the yield of ammonia when given hydrogen?br (points : 1) br 1 : 2br br 3 : 2br br 2 : 1br br 3 : 1br br br 3. for the oxidation of glucose (c6h12o6 + 6o2 6h2o + 6co2), how many moles of oxygen will it take to consume 6 moles of glucose?br (points : 1) br 2br br 6br br 12br br 36br br br 4. you are asked to make 112 g of iron from iron oxide and excess carbon br fe2o3 (s) + 3co (g) 2fe (l) + 3co2 (g)br br approximately how many grams of iron oxide must you use?br (points : 1) br 240 gbr br 107 gbr br 160 gbr br 720 gbr br br 5. when calcium carbonate is heated, it breaks down into calcium oxide and carbon br caco3 (s) cao (s) + co2 (g)br br if you heat 25 g caco3, approximately what volume of carbon dioxide will you make? assume the conditions of temperature and pressure are such that 1 mole of any gas will occupy 22.4 (points : 1) br 1.0 lbr br 5.6 lbr br 11.2 lbr br 22.4 lbr div

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