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Question (Category: biology)
why is it more important to use fresh cultures in the coagulase test than in a test medium such as milk agar? how would you interpret a negative slide test and a positive tube test using the same organism? i)what is the role of sterile saline plus organism on the slide test? ii)why is it advisable to run a known coagulase-positive organism along with your unknown organism? iii) how will the validity of the test be affected if clumping occurs on both smears of the knwon coagulase positive organism? iv) list possible reasons why the slide test is not appropiate for detecting free coagulase. v) why isnt the molten snyder test agar allowed to solidify as a slant? vi) considering, again, the snyder test what knids of dietary items would likely increse the number of lactobacilli in saliva ? vii) considering the snyder test ingredient, suggest other metabolic functions that might perform.

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