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Question (Category: chemistry homework)
you are in charge of a plant that makes methyl bromide, ch3br. this compound is used as a fumigant for nematodes. the thermochemical equation for the reaction is: ch3oh (aq) + br1- (aq) ch3br (aq) + oh1- (aq) h = + 78 kjmol br you must maximize the yield of the product. select all of the following actions you would take. br 1br allow excess ch3br to build up in the run the reaction in excess cool the reactionbr run the reaction with excess bromide ionbr remove ch3br as it is formedbr heat the reactionbr remove bromide ionbr remove ch3ohbr br the equilibrium constant for this reaction is:br cannot be determinedbr greater than onebr less than onebr about one div

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