The really serious challenge of domestic battery manifests alone considerably far too typically within households across the United States. The penalties for those convicted of this criminal offense are fairly serious in the State of Illinois. The form of charge and degree of punishment imposed is dependent on the particular variables and situation encompassing every single scenario. This suggests, it is probable to encounter both a misdemeanor or felony in Illinois for an offense involving domestic violence.

If you’ve been billed with domestic battery in the state of Illinois, you may now realize the really serious effects you encounter if convicted. In mild of this, now is the time to receive extremely professional legal representation to vigorously combat the prices versus you. O’Meara Law LLC is in this article to do just that on your behalf

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Charged With Domestic Battery

You could be billed and convicted of this criminal offense if you knowingly or intentionally, in any method, and with out any legal justification, make physical make contact with of a provoking or insulting character with, or in any other case bring about bodily damage to, any spouse and children or family member.

Beneath the statute, family and family customers might contain:

  • Spouses
  • Former spouses
  • Small children
  • Parents
  • Stepchildren
  • Other folks connected by blood or by marriage (existing or prior)
  • Folks who have or allegedly have a little one alongside one another
  • People who share or previously shared frequent dwelling
  • Folks who share or allegedly share a blood partnership by means of a youngster
  • Individuals who have or have had an engagement or relationship romantic relationship
  • Folks with disabilities and their personal caregivers or assistants

Misdemeanor or Felony

The offense of domestic battery may well be charged as a misdemeanor or felony centered on the circumstances and details of a distinct case, as well as any past authorized history of the accused.

Course A Misdemeanor
You will deal with a class A misdemeanor demand of domestic battery if you have no earlier convictions involving violent crimes. Even though not a felony, this sort of a misdemeanor conviction can ship you to jail for up to a single yr.

Class IV Felony
You can be billed with a domestic battery felony even if no aggravated elements are associated. You will confront a class IV felony on domestic battery if you have just one or extra prior convictions for any of the following violent crimes:

  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Unlawful restraint
  • Aggravated domestic battery

Class II Felony
If your domestic battery cost consists of significant aggravating things, the demand may well be enhanced to aggravated domestic battery. In this circumstance, you will be billed with a course II felony.

These aggravating aspects may perhaps include things like:

  • Committing domestic battery with the understanding you are inflicting great bodily harm
  • Committing domestic battery by means of strangulation
  • Leading to lasting disfigurement or disability


A person situation you will encounter if convicted of domestic battery is that the cost involves the imposition of a obligatory minimum sentence. Court supervision is not an solution. In contrast to pretty much all other misdemeanor offenses, conviction and not supervision is the needed least sentence when guilt is confirmed by a court.

Having said that, in specific conditions it may well be probable to amend the misdemeanor battery demand to misdemeanor battery underneath 720 ILCS 5/twelve-3. In these types of conditions, the billed unique may perhaps be suitable for a supervision sentence.

A further critical difficulty you will encounter as a end result of a misdemeanor conviction on domestic battery is that your cost may possibly not be sealed or expunged. It may perhaps in no way be removed from your history and can have lasting effects for the rest of your life. You may perhaps experience important obstacles in dealing with businesses, schools, credit score businesses, landlords, govt entities, and the public at huge.

In addition, you could also forfeit the proper to have or order firearms. This restriction applies to the two misdemeanor and felony domestic battery convictions. You might also forfeit your correct to see or check out your children. Security orders might be in force in opposition to you that also avoid you from earning any contact with the sufferer.

Less than Illinois law, the penalties for misdemeanors and felonies range drastically from each other. They are as follows:

Misdemeanor Domestic Battery
A course A misdemeanor conviction carries penalties that include:

  • Highest just one year in jail
  • Greatest two decades of probation
  • Optimum great of $two,five hundred

Felony Domestic Battery
A class IV felony conviction includes penalties of:

  • A person to 3 many years in jail
  • Highest wonderful of $twenty five,000

A course II felony carries punishments that contain:

  • A few to seven yrs in jail
  • Feasible probation (but a minimal of sixty times in jail required)
  • Most good of $twenty five,000

An Expert Illinois Domestic Battery Lawyer Can Assist

As a defendant of a domestic battery demand, you could have selections to pursue in order to shorten or potentially prevent a conviction and sentence. Some of these defenses include: lack of evidence, self-protection, consent, bogus accusation, and absence of aggravating aspects. On the other hand, the implementation of just one or far more of the defenses necessitates the techniques of an adept and expert legal professional who is seasoned at dealing with domestic violence cases.

Regardless of the level of the domestic violence demand you are facing, it’s critical to obtain robust legal representation in get to defend your rights and lower the outcomes you are going through. Lawyer Michael O’Meara has the encounter and capabilities to develop a vigorous protection on your behalf.

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