Drug offenses in the State of Illinois are regarded as major and dealt with as such by the regulation, no matter of whether they involve cannabis possession, drug manufacturing, or drug trafficking. Although some offenses are selected by the Point out as misdemeanors, some others are categorized as felony drug crimes and accrue sizeable penalties to match the severity of the offense.

Felony offenses are more serious than misdemeanor offenses and carry much a lot more severe penalties that can array from one particular year to life in jail, as very well as fines reaching into the six figures for the most major offenses. The additional serious the drug crime, the better class of felony it is assigned. The minimum really serious felonies in Illinois are designated as course four felonies, although the most serious crimes are classified as course X felonies.

If you are dealing with a felony drug criminal offense demand, the potential implications to your freedom and future are sizeable. Which is why you require a Chicago drug law firm on your side with in depth encounter and adeptness to realize the greatest possible end result in your case.

With extra than 20 decades of authorized practical experience, together with time serving on the prosecutorial aspect of the justice program, Attorney Michael O’Meara is able to supply you with the smart and vigorous illustration you have to have at this essential time.

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Felony Drug Crimes

Some typical illustrations of felony drug criminal offense fees in the State of Illinois contain:

  • Drug Possession – In Illinois, it is illegal to have any amount of an unlawful managed material, such as any variety of prescription medicine for which you do not have a genuine prescription. Felonies are charged for drug possession in numerous instances. The penalties for drug possession change thoroughly relying on the form and quantity of the material included.
  • Drug Possession With Intent to Produce – Considered extra major and probably more unsafe than drug possession by yourself, possession with the intent to supply is charged as a felony in Illinois. If regulation enforcement thinks you have drugs that you intend to give or provide to another man or woman, you may perhaps be billed with this crime.
  • Drug Production – The criminal offense of drug production involves the preparation, production, processing, conversion, propagation, or compounding of controlled substances. It can also contain obtaining distinct materials in your possession that are essential to make specific merchandise, including applicable substances. Selected as a course 4 felony, drug manufacturing carries with it a just one- to three-yr prison sentence and a greatest good of $twenty five,000.
  • Prescription Drug Fraud – The fee of fraud in relation to prescription medication covers a vary of diverse offenses in the condition of Illinois, together with thieving blank prescription slips, forging a prescription, altering a prescription, or making use of many medical professionals to obtain the very same prescription. Prescription drug fraud is often categorized as a felony, carrying a doable punishment of three decades in jail and a highest $100,000 great. The wonderful is established by statute and can arrive at up to $200,000 for subsequent offenses.
  • Drug Transportation – The act of going an illegal compound from a person area to an additional, no matter of the distance involved, can carry on you the demand of drug transportation. This is a felony criminal offense that is punishable by various a long time in jail and massive fines depending on the amount and variety of the substance included.
  • Drug Sale and/or Delivery – You may possibly be charged with the sale or delivery of an illegal drug even immediately after the distribution of that drug has now happened. As an offense that falls below the category of felony drug crimes, it is punished dependent on several components these kinds of as the form of drug involved, no matter if injuries to just one or a lot more folks happened, and the location of the transaction. If convicted, you may facial area various yrs in jail and heavy fines.
  • Drug Trafficking – Maybe one of the most effectively-known categories of felony drug crimes, drug trafficking is an exceptionally significant offense. It requires the manufacture, distribution, and shipping and delivery of managed substances.
  • Penalties are severe, but differ based on the quantity and kind of substance concerned and the circumstances encompassing the offense even so, if convicted you may perhaps confront a long-expression obligatory jail sentence and probably thousands and thousands of bucks in fines.

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