On November 19, a critical legislative request, L.R. 2547, sponsored by Rep. Henry E.M. Beck (D-Waterville), will be up for vote by the Legislative Council. The evaluate, entitled “Take care of, To Make clear Inspections of Caregivers below the Maine Clinical Use of Marijuana Act,” seeks to need the legislature and DHHS to explain and pass legislation and rules governing DHHS’ inspection and complaint process for people and caregivers. The ask for, which unsuccessful by 1 vote to move the Legislative Council in September, is remaining appealed by Health-related Cannabis Caregivers of Maine (MMCM).
DHHS has drawn criticism for initiating inspections of individuals and caregivers without having a obvious legislative mandate or established of principles governing the inspections. The Department has contracted with the Maine Sheriffs’ Affiliation to conduct the warrantless inspections, which are characterized by inspectors as “knock and talks.”
At present, there is no set of regulations offering for or governing the inspections. Clients and caregivers are not lawfully expected to allow inspectors to enter their premises, though quite a few do so voluntarily. The lack of composed inspection or grievance treatments has led to sizeable confusion and problem among the clients and caregivers regarding the rights and duties of all concerned.
The deficiency of a set of regulations for inspections and problems has also led to confusion for legislation enforcement agents concerning the proper reaction to issues in opposition to, or rule violations by people and caregivers. This confusion has led to the seizure of vegetation and medicine by legislation enforcement agents who have identified easy DHHS rule violations. These seizures are from time to time, but not generally accompanied by prison rates. Even where these prices are dismissed, they outcome in considerable squandered time and expenditure for regulators, regulated parties, and the courts.
If MMCM’s attraction of L.R. 2547 is effective, a bill will be introduced to demand implementation of sorely required inspection and grievance strategies. These treatments will cut down uncertainty and develop a additional predictable regulatory surroundings for individuals and caregivers.
What You Can Do
The bill desires a the vast majority vote to go by the 10-member Legislative Council. Cellular phone calls or letters to your representatives – particularly Republicans on the Legislative Council – can mean the change involving accomplishment and failure. You can use this web site to figure out who your representative is, and obtain his or her call data.
Phone your associates before the November 19 vote and check with them to vote yes for L.R. 2547, titled “Take care of, To Make clear Inspections of Caregivers beneath the Maine Healthcare Use of Marijuana Act.” Inform them in your have words why principles clarifying the complaint and inspection system are essential to you.
Since the past unsuccessful vote was along social gathering traces, it will be particularly impactful if Republican users of the Legislative Council can be persuaded to support the measure. The existing Legislative Council users are:
President Michael D. Thibodeau, Chair (Republican)

Speaker Mark W. Eves, Vice-chair (Democrat)

Senator Garrett P. Mason, Senate Bulk Chief (Republican)
Senator Andre E. Cushing, Senate Assistant Bulk Leader (Republican)

Senator Justin L. Alfond, Senate Minority Leader (Democrat)Senator Dawn Hill, Senate Assistant Minority Leader (Democrat)Representative Jeffrey M. McCabe, Dwelling Greater part Chief (Democrat)Consultant Sara Gideon, Household Assistant Vast majority Leader (Democrat)

Agent Kenneth W. Fredette, Property Minority Chief (Republican)
Consultant Eleanor Espling, Home Assistant Minority Leader (Republican)
You can browse the text of the appeal on MMCM’s web site.


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